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Project Overview

The Problem

This client owned the brand Monroe Blvd, a lifestyle fashion store located in New Jersey. They want to scale their business online to reach new customers across the globe.

The biggest hurdle I had to overcome in regards to developing a store was their ever-expanding gargantuan catalog of clothes, shoes, and accessories. In order to create the best premium store for my client I would need to make sure that the visitors won't get overwhelmed with the options and would be able to find exactly what they need without issue.

Fashion is an extremely competitive niche online and thus I also needed to create a fantastic, modern and professional-looking experience for each visitor who comes to the site all the while gearing the site for fast loading speeds and high conversion rates.

My Solution

In order to create an exceptional user experience, I coded several modern and impactful features that many top-performing clothing Shopify stores use to generate six and seven-figures annual revenues.

Feature #1: Product from Image Selector [Copy That Style!]

Along with designing an eye-catching homepage which captures the essence of the brand, I developed a feature I call "Copy That Style!" For each seasonal collection the store owner wants to promote there is an image which corresponds to that collection. The visitor can click on any article of clothing on the image and they will be able to see exactly what product is on the image and would be able to either add it to their cart or go to the product page.

This feature is fantastic for clothing brands since it offers a really professional and modern looking feature that captures the user's attention and gives them a memorable experience. I also made this feature fully responsive across all devices.

Yes, the dots can be moved if you want to change the image!
Feature #2: Mega-Menus

The next challenge I faced was navigation- how do I not clutter the screen with so many options but still make it easy enough for the user to navigate without frustration To help solve this problem I developed what is known as a "Mega-Menu."

When the visitor hovers over either the Men's or Women's tab a dropdown menu appears. Within the menu there are two key products shown to the user alongside two neatly organized sub-menus where additional collections and catalogs are presented for simple and effective navigation. The store owner can choose which products are displayed on the side such as if they want to show new arrivals, best sellers, or products they are marketing heavily within their campaigns.

Can be fully customized to fit your brand's needs!
Feature #3: Collection Filter Customizations

On most standard Shopify stores, users can typically only choose one filter at a time if they want to search within a collection. Given the ever-expanding catalog my client is building for his brand, not have an effective filtering system may just result in users scrolling by trying to find what they want before giving up and leaving the site.

To combat this, I did several customizations to both the theme and the metafields within the backend to not only allow for multiple filters to be chosen at once but also for custom filters to be added by the owner.

This feature is especially useful for not just fashion brands but any store with a large catalog of items! For example, in my gardening store I add filters for different seed types, germination period, shade required, and so on.

Having an effective and easy to navigate system for users empowers them to find exactly what they need as efficiently as possible, making them less likely to leave your site and more likely to convert into a sale.

No additional coding required!
Feature 4: Color Variant Swatches

A small adjustment but a big way to make your brand stand out just a bit more! Instead of a dropdown menu for colors, I developed these color swatches which corresponds directly with a color variant of the product. These can be fully customized for any color and can even insert images for pattern designs!

🎨🖌 No Mistakes, Just Happy Customers
Feature 5: Description Tabs

The final custom development I did for the store is in regards to their product page, more specifically their descriptions. Many descriptions for their products consisted long strings of text which often contain information a potential customer may not even reach. Someone who is on the edge of placing a purchase may at times just need one or two questions answered to proceed with the sale.

To help solve this issue, I created this accordion-style description tabs feature through which many sections of the descriptions can be placed into easy to navigate tabs. This feature is extremely useful in not only decluttering the page but also making it much easier for the visitor to find what they need and potentially convert into a sale. I designed the tabs system so that the owner could either standardize it across multiple similar products, saving a bunch of time writing everything out repeatedly, or they could add additional tabs or even change them for specific products!

You can add FAQs, Reviews, Specifications, or whatever else you want!

The Results

The owner of this brand was extremely satisfied with his new premium site, and he only got happier as he began his marketing campaign! Because he had a high-converting, modern store developed for his brand he was able to not only get over a 3.5 ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) for his Facebook Ads campaigns but also generate over six-figures in revenue in the span of six months! The store's conversion rate? Over 8.4%. Nearly four times the average convert rate for Shopify clothing stores!

It was a pleasure working with this client and he feels the exact same way with working with me. If you would like to have a premium Shopify store set up to take your business to the next level, please sure to click on the Contact Me button below or send me an email. I look forward to talking to you soon!

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